JDL HVAC Services is a National Balancing Council (NBC) certified contracting company, providing commercial HVAC testing and balancing (TAB) services, providing services throughout Odenton, Laurel, Severna Park and the surrounding area. We have served engineers, architects, and contractors in our industry as well as business owners. We aim to make air quality testing as cost-effective for our clients as possible, while providing efficient assessments of their buildings — providing clients with the greatest value for their testing and balancing.

If you’re curious about our commercial HVAC TAB services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for further information — you can call or write us for a quote, to answer questions, or to schedule service. We provide service throughout much of Maryland, from our hometown of Odenton — view our full service area. Also, feel free to continue reading to learn more about our mission, testing and balancing, and additional information about our services.

Our Mission

JDL HVAC Services offers a solution-based approach to air balancing, as we have maximized the efficiency and comfort of hundreds of HVAC systems. This is the primary strength we bring to our projects.

We strive to bring the utmost integrity and repeatable test results to any project we take on, telling us whether your systems are functioning as designed. At that point, the balancing project becomes a diagnostic problem-solving project. This is one of the core principles of our NBC Certification.

What Is HVAC Testing, Adjusting, & Balancing?

Testing, adjusting, and balancing is the process of testing the HVAC systems operations of a building, and adjusting those systems to ensure that the interior environment has a “balanced” climate (including a balanced temperature, pressure, air speed through the space, and more).


During the testing portion of a TAB service, your technician will test your heating and cooling equipment, ensuring that the equipment delivers the right amount of climate-controlled air to the correct spaces or zones throughout the building. A technician will test the heating and cooling units, the air ducts, vents, blower fan (or fans), any dampers, and other equipment that may be incorporated in your building’s HVAC system.

Adjusting & Balancing

From there, your technician will ensure that all HVAC units run efficiently, and adjustments can be made to ensure that the building has a “balanced” environment, where each zone or space receives the proper climate controlled air. In some cases, balancing may require a technician to continuously test and retest the environment as they make adjustments to the HVAC system. It’s our goal to ensure that the airflow through a building’s ventilation system is as efficient as possible, providing ample pressure and climate-controlled air to all zones and spaces throughout the building.

We also provide water TAB services, ensuring that our clients have proper flow through hydronic equipment, condensing and evaporating coils, and any piping throughout their HVAC systems. We test pumps, boilers, chillers, and cooling towers, as well as chilled-water and hot-water coils for HVAC systems, ensuring that all units are operational, efficient, and outputting the proper pressure of temperature-controlled water for the system at hand.

Our Testing & Balancing Services

We provide air and water balancing as well as different types of pressure testing, including static pressure profiles, pressure drops, building pressure measurements, stairwell pressurization, and elevator shaft pressurization testing.

We specialize in new construction projects as well as schools, hospitals, office buildings, commercial kitchens, and residential direct expansion (DX) systems. Re-balancing and re-commissioning on build-outs is another service that we’re proud to offer.

Why Should You Perform Testing, Adjusting, & Balancing?

While testing, adjusting, and balancing may not be necessary for some residential applications and for businesses with a small square footage, most commercial spaces can benefit from TAB services, and some businesses rely on TAB services to ensure that they meet environmental requirements. Consider our TAB services for all of the following solutions:

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Your building relies on your HVAC system to introduce fresh, climate-controlled air throughout its spaces. With a poorly balanced HVAC system, you could have spaces with stagnant air, or you may have poor airflow throughout the building. Airflow ensures that dust, airborne debris, and commercial chemicals don’t build up within the work environment. In addition, stagnant air and high-moisture air can create problems, since mold and mildew are more likely to grow in these environments. During a TAB service call, your technician will ensure that all spaces throughout your business are receiving the fresh, filtered, climate-controlled air, and all spaces have proper airflow to cycle the air throughout the building.

Create a Balanced Climate Throughout Your Building

With numerous rooms throughout the interior of your building, it can be difficult to ensure that the whole environment remains climate-controlled. For example, you may end up with cold rooms at the ground level of your building, yet the upper floors are unbearably hot. Your HVAC technician will ensure that each zone receives the proper supply of climate-controlled air, so that the entirety of your building is comfortable. We can also ensure that your building has specific climate zones, if you need to have varied temperatures throughout your building.

Improve Your HVAC System Efficiency

With testing and balancing, you can maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system which saves energy while reducing your monthly bills. Over time, your TAB service will pay for itself. If you have an existing HVAC system, we can adjust and maintain its components to ensure that the units of the system work smoothly as they produce a climate-controlled environment. We can also adjust newly implemented HVAC systems to ensure that they efficiently heat or cool the spaces throughout your building.

Regular Maintenance

Testing, adjusting, and balancing should be a part of your regular HVAC maintenance interval, especially if you have a larger system installed in your building. As your HVAC units age, they’ll require maintenance to ensure that your system continually receives adequate pressure. TAB maintenance will ensure that your system operates as it should. Adjusting and balancing may be achieved through maintenance services like lubricating a blower fan, fixing a frozen evaporator coil, or adjusting the vents throughout your system — among other services.

Implement a New HVAC System Properly

If you’re in the construction process, it’s crucial that you integrate an HVAC system that works well with the design of your space. We work with business owners, as well as other contractors on the job to ensure that ventilation and heating and cooling units are incorporated properly into the design of the building. From there, we can implement the HVAC design. And finally, we’ll test, adjust, and balance the HVAC system. Performing a TAB service after implementing a new HVAC system will ensure that your HVAC system is properly installed, and that all of its components work together to efficiently provide climate control throughout your property. Testing and balancing during and after an HVAC system installation will also reduce your bills for the lifetime of the system, and increase the longevity of the system, since the units won’t be overworked throughout the lifetimes of the heating and cooling systems.

Contractor to Contractor Coordination

We work closely with other trades, thus ensuring project schedules are met. By utilizing different pre-balance checklists with other trades, such as sheet metal manufacturers, pipe fitters, and other HVAC techs, we’re sure to work as a team. Working together with other trades may prove critical to the success of a project. We aim to make our implementation of adjusting and balancing solutions as efficient as possible, ensuring that your project is completed on time. We also strive to reduce waste on your project by improving the efficiency of your system (reducing cost over time) while coordinating with other contractors on your project (reducing cost and time-waste up front). Our contractor to contractor coordination efforts ensure that you get the most value out of your HVAC TAB project.

Our Guarantee

All of our projects are guaranteed by JDL HVAC Services. Our projects are backed by the National Balancing Council’s CAP (Customer Assurance Program), guaranteeing our projects are balanced according to standards set by the NBC.

About the National Balancing Council

Due to today’s complex HVAC systems, having a qualified TAB company to balance your systems has become more critical than ever. With the ever-growing concern of typical “drive-by” balancing, National Balancing Council-certified HVAC contractors are able to achieve total system balance better than any other organization worldwide.

The National Balancing Council was established in 2006 to ensure that standards were established to control the quality of TAB services provided by HVAC technicians. As the NBC notes, they establish and maintain “stringent standards that must be met by those seeking to qualify for certification. Engineers, contractors, building owners, and property managers can be assured every NBC-certified professional is required to complete a rigorous training program, and to successfully pass a comprehensive examination process prior to receiving his or her credentials.”

The NBC’s goal is to work as a team with the design professionals, building owners and other tradesmen to achieve maximum system performance on all environmental systems. Utilizing NBC Procedural Standards is key to achieving the design intent of today’s sophisticated buildings. Understanding systems, how they are installed, serviced, and maintained, along with the manufacturer’s start-up report, helps in achieving system total balance in today’s demanding marketplace. Our technical testing and verification services, paired with repeatable readings, ensure system functionality and efficiency.

JDL HVAC is proud to be NBC-certified, and we embrace the National Balancing Council’s mission to improve the performance of commercial HVAC systems.

Test & Balance Your Building Today

JDL HVAC Services provides solutions, not just “match the numbers” balancing. With JDL HVAC Services, you can be assured that our testing and verification process offers you the best value in the TAB industry.

We offer a solutions-based approach to air and water balancing, as we have maximized the efficiency and comfort of hundreds of HVAC systems here in Odenton and the surrounding area — this is the primary strength we bring to your projects. If you want to learn more, or you’re eager to have your building tested and balanced to ensure that your building’s environment is up to par, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule an appointment, ask questions, or get a quote for your upcoming project.