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If you’re like most other homeowners in Severna, you love to find ways to save a few bucks. And, if saving a few dollars here and there also turns out to be the best way to save even more money in the long run, that’s even better.

In today’s blog from the friendly, honest furnace service professionals at JDL HVAC Services, we will take a look at some of the easiest and most effective ways to save money on your winter energy spending. You don’t have to be very handy to accomplish any of these, and each and every item on this list will help to extend the life and efficiency of your Severna home’s furnace — helping you to save even more money over time.

As you’ll see soon, it all begins with making sure that you schedule an annual furnace inspection. If you haven’t had yours yet this year, then get in touch with JDL HVAC Services today to schedule an appointment.

Schedule Your Annual Furnace Inspection

Saving money on your winter energy-usage costs all begins with making sure that you are working to get ahead of any problems with your furnace’s effectiveness. The best way to get ahead of energy-sucking problems is to make sure you schedule a furnace inspection at least once a year.

Annual inspections catch problems before they start, provide for homeowner education about their heating and cooling system, and help ensure that your home’s heater will run as well as it can for years to come — all of which saves you money over time.

Make Sure You Are Changing Your Air Filter Throughout The Whole Winter Season

One of the most common reasons for increased energy bills in the winter that we see at JDL HVAC Services is air filters that are changed too infrequently, or sometimes, not at all. Your air filter is the first line of defense against unnecessary debris buildup that prevents optimal airflow and reduces the effectiveness of your furnace over time.

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This leads to two huge energy drains. The first is that your furnace has to work harder to get your home up to your desired comfort level due to decreased airflow. The second that over time, your furnace will begin to wear down faster, and your air ducts can also become dirty, or even moldy. Addressing the latter pair of problems can cost large amounts of out-of-pocket cash, not to consider the extra you are shelling out while your furnace is running harder and more often than it should.

Make sure to change your air filters in accordance with your unit’s recommended guidelines and based the quality of air filter that you purchase. In general, most homes should change their air filter every 30-60 days.

Inspect Your Home For Draft Points

Even the best furnace in the world, taken care of exactly the right way, has an uphill battle against a home full of cold draft points. When cold air is leaking into your home, your furnace will have to do double-time to maintain your home’s temperature. A sure sign that you need to inspect for draft points is that your furnace has begun to over-cycle, or run more than 2 or three times an hour for roughly 8-12 minutes each time.

Windows and doors are the primary places to check for drafts, however, if you have an indoor crawl space, you might want to consider looking there too. 

Make sure that the windows of your home have a fresh frame caulking every couple of years to prevent drafts, or plan to re-caulk them on a not too cold, sunny day. There are molds and putties you can get to reduce the inflow of cold air around your windows, but they tend to tighten and shrink under extreme cold, reducing their effectiveness for the rest of the winter.

For doors, make sure that your weatherstripping is in good shape and consider purchasing a heavy draft-stopper to lay at the foot of exterior doors on particularly cold nights and days.

Adjust Your Home’s Thermostat

Most experts say that 65-68 degrees is the most energy-efficient temperature range at which to keep your home. If this is too cold for you, try a month wearing warmer clothing when home and keep some throw blankets handy. At the end of the month, see if the savings is worth it to you.

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