Dirty Old Furnace

During the warm, muggy summer months in Odenton, it’s easy to forget that your furnace even exists. However, once the long summer days give way to cooling fall nights, you may be reminded when a sudden and unexpected vibration and whirring tell you that, yes, it does still exist.


In an ideal world, you remember that your furnace is around, and has been sitting doing nothing for months now — typically not the healthiest scenario for a machine with moving parts — and you have already scheduled a furnace inspection appointment from JDL HVAC Services for your Odenton home or business. Annual inspections make sure that your filters are replaced and your furnace is in good working order for the cold winter months ahead.


However, if you have a working relationship with another company, or you just went with whoever popped up at the top of your search results, make sure that they give you the quality inspection that your family and home deserve. In today’s blog from JDL HVAC Services, we will cover the checklist that any worthwhile furnace inspection should be looking at. Read on to learn more, or if you haven’t gotten your annual furnace service scheduled yet, make an appointment with JDL HVAC Services today.

Here Is What You Should Expect To Have Inspected

A guy in coveralls showing up, tinkering with your furnace for 10 minutes, and then giving you a thumbs up and asking for $90 does not qualify as a quality furnace inspection in our book. Here’s what you should expect to have looked at when you hire a professional HVAC company to come and perform your annual furnace inspection:

Air Filters

Dirty furnace filters are one of the biggest culprits of airflow problems, excess dirt and dust in your furnace, and winter allergies. If you haven’t changed your furnace filter recently, our honest, friendly HVAC technicians can do it for you. We recommend learning where your air filter is and how to change it anyway though. Quality filters should be changed quarterly, while cheaper filters may need to be changed as often as once a month during the seasons your HVAC system is in use.


One of the most important elements of your entire heating system to check is the thermostat. Proper thermostat calibration is quite important to maintaining the comfort level of your Odenton home. More importantly than comfort though, a thermostat that is improperly calibrated can cause excess energy usage, costing you money and causing wear on your heating system from excess cycling.

Connections, Gas Lines, & Heat Exchangers

Your furnace is a complex piece of machinery. Various connections, energy source lines, and internal parts make your furnace an item that really ought to have professional attention annually. A scheduled autumn furnace maintenance call should include checking and tightening any connections, monitoring the proper functioning of important internal systems — the heat exchanger, flame sensor, etc. — and making sure that no gas is escaping, no wires are exposed, and no connections are loose. Any of these systems that are not in good order can be extremely dangerous for you and your family. Additionally, your technician will lubricate the moving parts if needed and check the belts on the fan.

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Checks For Blockages

Burner blockages and condensation blockages can both impact the efficiency of your heater in different ways. Over a long enough span of time, they can also produce significant problems that can require expensive repairs — especially if a breakdown comes midwinter.

System Controls & Safeties

Your furnace has built-in safety check systems that, when triggered, will shut your furnace off for you and your family’s safety. These items should be checked, too.

Housing Integrity

The outer housing of your furnace is more important than you might think. Loose housings can allow the entry of air, dirt, and dust that can cause damage over time, and they can also allow heat and gas to escape. In a worst-case scenario, loose or faulty housings may also cause your furnace to shut itself off.

Expect An Overview From Your Tech

When the inspection is over, your HVAC tech should take a few minutes to let you know what they did, what they found, and point out any items of concern and recommendations for further service that they have. This is a great time to ask questions, get answers, and learn more about your home’s furnace.

It’s Never Too Late To Schedule Your Furnace Inspection

Even if the cold weather has already set in and your furnace is running daily, it’s not too late to have a member of our team come and take a look to make sure you are in good shape for the rest of the winter. Get in touch with JDL HVAC today to schedule a furnace inspection for your Odenton home or business.