From light commercial installations to large-scale industrial applications, you can count on JDL HVAC to install custom ductwork in your building. We specialize in building and installing ductwork on site. We strive to create duct lines that are seamless, so that your HVAC system operates efficiently. We can work with you and other contractors on your build project in order to create a ductwork system that doesn’t interfere with other infrastructure throughout your building (including electrical and plumbing installations). We can also work closely with designers, engineers, or architects on your project to ensure that their vision is realized. If you’re looking to install custom ductwork throughout your building, we’re the crew to call. We create and install custom ductwork for HVAC systems throughout Odenton, Laurel, Severna Park and much of Maryland  — give us a call to get started. You can also learn more about our custom ductwork services below.

What is custom HVAC ductwork?

While prefabricated ducts and joints may be adequate for residential projects and some light commercial applications, custom ductwork is often required for larger projects and more complex projects. If you’re working on a building with an intricate HVAC system, and you’re working with spaces where the ductwork will interact with other infrastructure, then it’s likely that you’ll need custom ductwork that can be fabricated to fit those constraints. We can create ducts with custom dimensions, custom joints, zoning dampers, and other features to ensure that your HVAC system is perfectly suited to the demands of your building.

The Difference Between Prefab and Custom Ducts

While prefabricated ducts have set dimensions, enabling contractors to “plug and play” as they assemble ductwork, custom ducts are specially designed for the space they occupy. Custom ducts are often necessary for buildings with complicated mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems running through the voids in walls and ceilings. In addition, custom ductwork may be necessary for complex zones throughout a building. Custom ducts are often required for larger commercial and industrial applications, where air must be pumped at high volume throughout a building. We can create custom ductwork that runs seamlessly together, creating as many zones as necessary to keep your building comfortable with a consistent supply of fresh, climate controlled air.

Custom ductwork is slightly more expensive to produce, since pieces must be folded and welded to meet unique specifications — as such, the ductwork cannot be mass produced. That said, custom ductwork projects are often within 150 percent of the cost of traditional ductwork projects on the same scale.

Here at JDL HVAC, we produce custom ductwork to meet all of your demands, including ceiling boxes, reducers, wyes, elbows, straight ducts — you name it.

How We Create Custom Ducts

Custom ductwork starts with design. Again, we’ll coordinate with you and any architects, engineers, and MEP contractors on the job. We want to ensure that your ducts will perfectly fit the voids of your ceilings and walls, without interfering with the structure of the building or its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Once we have a final design for your ductwork, we’ll begin to create ducts by cutting individual metal pieces, then folding them into sections which will create the duct. Sections are connected with a roll forming machine, ensuring that the ducts have a tight seam.

We work with a variety of metal gauges, to meet the efficiency and integrity demands of your ductwork. We’ll utilize a gauge strong enough to support the duct, based on the dimensions of the ductwork. We can also fabricate with a variety of metals, including galvanized steel and aluminum. In certain instances, we can fabricate rounded ducts to meet your specifications.